Sunday, June 12, 2011

SynaptaGenX Affiliate Programs

Increase dopamine levels naturally with SynaptaGenX.

Reduce cravings to food, alcohol, substances, gambling etc.

Reduce the unwanted symptoms of ADHD.

SynaptaGenX (SGX): is a result of over 30 years of research, including 23 clinical trials. This natural, patented Neuroadaptagen Amino Acid Therapy (NAAT) helps regulate cravings and supports: focus & cognition, neurotransmitter balance, optimal brain health, reduced stress, enhanced energy and healthy mood.

For summaries of several studies click:

More science and published research is at:
(Please note in the studies that Tropamine, Synaptamine and SAAVE are earlier forms of SynaptaGenX (SGX) also known as KB220Z).

See for more information and ordering. Contact us for special offers.

There are no contracts and you are under no obligation. We are launching this amazing evidenced-based product to help those who struggle with “white-knuckle sobriety” everyday. Our goal is simple – helping those with addictions to stay clean & sober and live positive & productive lives!

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